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About Us

YOUth ACT is a community-based hub for youth activism and impact entrepreneurship in Amsterdam. We strive to be an inclusive, safe and collaborative community that brings together individuals with wide-ranging backgrounds and empowers them to make a social and environmental impact. We offer youth accessible opportunities to acquire practical skills, develop actionable ideas, diversify their network and accelerate personal growth.

Meet Our Team

YOUth ACT board members and the team all work voluntarily and are not paid.


The Opportunity We Are Addressing


YOUth ACT’s ultimate goal is to live in a world where young people (under 30) with diverse experiences are empowered to participate in political, social and economic decision-making by creating a space within which young people can take action.

Our vision is to be:

  • a community-based hub for young advocates, activists and social entrepreneurs; 

  • an accelerator for people providing a range of opportunities for personal and professional development;

  • an active challenger of the idea that only those who are privileged and powerful can be change makers by increasing opportunities for those who have been marginalised by systems of oppression.



Stichting YOUth ACT aims to achieve its vision by offering:

  • Critical social, political, and economic education;

  • Skill-based training programs;

  • Access to volunteering, board, and internship positions;

  • A community-based network for young founders, advocates, activists, and social entrepreneurs;

  • Inclusion consultancy services to dismantle barriers to equal participation.


Policy Plan

Download our Policy Plan

Download our One-Pager


Monthly Workshops & Think Tanks

 Acquire practical skills and learn about the means of social change

Annual YOUth ACT Conference

Interact with inspiring change makers, entrepreneurs and activists

Community Building

Informal spaces for young change makers with diverse backgrounds, interests and skills to connect and co-create

Dutch Financial Report

Download our Financial Report in Dutch.

The English version can be found in chapter 5 of our policy plan.

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How YOU can get involved

Contact YOUth ACT

Get in touch with YOUth ACT to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.



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