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About Us

YOUth ACT is a community-based hub for youth activism and impact entrepreneurship in Amsterdam. We strive to be an inclusive, safe and collaborative community that brings together individuals with wide-ranging backgrounds and empowers them to make a social and environmental impact. We offer youth accessible opportunities to acquire practical skills, develop actionable ideas, diversify their network and accelerate personal growth.


We are recruiting for the upcoming academic year! 

The Opportunity We Are Addressing

 Amsterdam’s rich pool of knowledge and resources is not equally accessible to all potential changemakers. Existing programs are often only accessible for young professionals or highly privileged and/or skilled students.  

Potential young changemakers face barriers to making a social and environmental impact:

  • insufficient opportunities to develop and apply practical skills

  • few collaborative spaces to share knowledge and ideas

  • the lack of a diverse, far-reaching network

We aim to build an inclusive hub where individuals from wide-ranging backgrounds and with diverse skills and interests can develop and actualize their potential to access existing opportunities and become social and environmental changemakers.  


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What We Offer

Monthly Workshops & Think Tanks

 Acquire practical skills and learn about the means of social change

Annual YOUth ACT Conference

Interact with inspiring change makers, entrepreneurs and activists

Community Building

Informal spaces for young change makers with diverse backgrounds, interests and skills to connect and co-create

No upcoming events at the moment

We want YOUR input!

Currently under Construction


Internship Opportunities


Mentorship Programs 





How YOU can get involved

Contact YOUth ACT

Get in touch with YOUth ACT to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.



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