Who you are:

1. Enjoy inspiring others

2.  Critical thinker

3. Creative and have an excellent work ethic

4. A networker

5. Vision to develop YOUthACT


You will: 

(1) Lead the team and shape YOUth Act’s culture (2) Build our strategy and partnerships 

(3) Lead our recruitment and focus on continuity. 

Vice President/ Secertary 

Who you are:

1. Enjoy creating sustainable structures

2. Take initiative, coordinate, and communicate clearly

3. Well organized

4. Do you feel inspired to optimize work projects?


You Will:

(1) lead operation

(2) lead external relations

(3) lead recruitment and continuity. 

Media/Marketing Director

Who you are:

1. Strong affinity for the role of social media in activism and empowerment

2. Strategic and creative 

3.   Knowledge of Social Media

You Will:

(1)Coordinate the Media team

(2) Lead the creative production process

(3) Lead the branding & marketing of YOUthACT

Action Director

Who you are:

1. Enable others to take action

2. Connect people

3.  Are you a networker with strong people skills?

4. Critical thinker for activism, social entrepreneurship, and/or political advocacy


You will:

(1) lead starter pack

(2) lead matchmaking

(3) lead strategy and coordination.

Community & Inclsuion Director

Who you are:

1. Passionate about bringing people with diverse experiences and perspectives together

2. Critical, self-reflective and empathetic

3. Challenge yourself and others to become more inclusive, decolonial and interactional in their behaviour

You will:

(1) Lead our inclusion efforts 

(2) Coordinate the Community team

(3) Manage YOUthACT's diverse community

Treasurer / Financial & Legal Director

Who you are:

1. Motivated to develop financial and legal knowledge

2. Excited to develop fundraising strategies

3. Bring values and integrity to projects

4. Understand the needs of stakeholders?

5. Interested in social enterprise

You will:

(1) lead fundraising

(2) lead financial administration

(3) lead governance.