YOUthACT Starterpack

What is our Starter Pack?


With a strong foothold in Amsterdam’s community of aspiring change-makers, we aim to enable more young people to become agents of change.  We democratize access to leadership, social entrepreneurship, and advocacy skills through a 5 month leadership program including;

  • A cohort of 10 passionate high potential aspiring founders from diverse backgrounds;

  • Practical soft and hard-skill workshops;

  • Individualized coaching and mentorship;

  • An effective aftercare program and strong alumni community.

Who are we


YOUth ACT accelerates the personal and professional development of young people who want to get involved with social and environmental justice through skill-based training, critical political and economic education, networking opportunities and a reciprocal local community.

What to expect?

  • Receive 10+ practical workshops on hard and soft skills; from February 2021 - July 2021 

  • Match with an individual mentor who will guide you through your journey;

  • Dedicate around 4 hours a week to your project;

  • Become part of a strong community of ten aspiring young founders between the ages of 18-25;

  • This program is free of charge.