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Frequently Asked Question


What is a YOUth ACT Vriend?

‘Vriend’ means Friend in Dutch, and Vrienden is, as expected, a Vriend in plural. YOUth ACT tries to empower young people to take action. When becoming a Vriend, you become part of a reciprocal community of young people who want to make a change. 


Why should I become a Vriend?

By becoming a YOUth ACT Vriend, you will be connected to special opportunities and people. Our goal is to help you find volunteering, internship, board or full-time work positions, learn crucial new skills and grow your network in the world of social and environmental advocacy, activism and/or entrepreneurship. Next to that, you will receive special opportunities from our partners, like discounts on Willicroft’s plant-based cheese products or Forward Incubator’s virtual entrepreneurship course. Who doesn’t want that?


What do you mean with a reciprocal community?

This means that you can also help other Vrienden to grow by sharing your own (future) skills, network and knowledge with other Vrienden. Maybe you have a good idea to support YOUth ACT, or are a fantastic public speaker you would like to invite? Maybe you’d like to share your tips with the rest of the community? It’s all possible in the community we try to form. 


What rights does a Vriend have?

We are very open to your feedback, critique, tips and comments. However, it is important to know that YOUth ACT is a foundation, which means that our Vrienden can not be legal members of YOUth ACT. Therefore, a Vriend does not have a right of say when it comes to YOUth ACT’s policy plans, board-members or voting.


Why do you ask all these different questions in the form?

The information you provide will help us to better connect you with cool organizations and events. If we know what you like and what you’re interested in, this will allow us to produce more content, events and other activities that bring you forward. The more we know, the better!


What will happen to my data?

Your answers will be handled with utmost care and stored securely via the GDPR regulations. This means that we only collect data that we actually need, and that we do not give out your data to third parties without permission. Your data will also be protected against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss. Next to that, when unregistering from the Vriend Programme, your data will of course be deleted when asked. 

What is a welcome call or audio? 

In the form you will be asked whether you want to have a short welcome call or audio. This welcome call is meant for us to get to know you, but also for you to get to know YOUth ACT a bit more. With this we hope to lower the threshold for you and to feel free to contact us anytime you want if you have something to share. We can also send you a short voice message per WhatsApp if you prefer that.


What is the newsletter for?

When becoming a Vriend, you will receive a monthly newsletter. In this newsletter you will get updates on what is going on within the YOUth ACT Community. When is the next event? What monthly theme is there for the book-club? Who’s in the YOUth ACT team? Next to these updates, you will receive nice tips on basically everything. What article or news-item stood out this month? Which cool documentary do you have to see etc.? 


How is the Vriend Programme different from the Online Facebook Community of YOUth ACT?

With becoming a Vriend, YOUth ACT gets to know you a bit better. We’ll know what you’re interested in and what you want and how we can help out. In the Online Facebook Community you’ll find other community Vrienden and will read opportunity threads, get some food for thought and stay up to date on our latest events.


How can I unsubscribe from the Vriend Programme?

You can unsubscribe from the programme by sending an email to We will then remove your details. 


Why are you asking for donations?

As a foundation, YOUth ACT relies on donations and public grants. We need to raise around €3,000 per year to cover our operational costs (such as events logistics, compensations of activities, marketing material or our bank account). To stay as independent and impactful as we would like to be, we would love to be supported by those who align with our values as much as possible. Therefore, we prefer being sponsored by our community where possible rather than big corporate sponsors or other external sources of funding. A donation is completely voluntary. If 100 Vrienden would donate €30, we could cover our entire yearly operational costs! If you become one these 100 sponsors we want to thank you by sending you our YOUth ACT Tote  Bag. Every cent counts, so smaller monthly donations will also be extremely helpful.

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