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Kenneth Ngai

What’s your story? 

I am from Hong Kong and lived in the UK for 2 years (I love myself some good old full English fry up) and it's around my 4th year in Amsterdam, low key ashamed that I still can't speak fluent dutch. I did my bachelor's at UvA in Economics and Business majored in Business. During my studies I felt that there is a huge gap between academic knowledge and practical implications, therefore I decided to join Lena & Omer on a journey to build the best accelerator for young people to make a change aka YOUth ACT.  I like to dive my nose into a lot of random fields, imma summarize them in keywords Genetics, Space, Digital Marketing, Crypto, Anatomy, Dank Memes, traveling, Business Strategy, Anime, Urban Photography.  


Favorite social/environmental project and why?

Not to brag or anything but YOUth ACT would be my choice, we are just freaking awesome what else can i say.

Guilty pleasure?

Finishing a series in one night

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