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Laura van der Wal

What’s your story? 

An Amsterdam girl studying International Relations and International Development. Ever since I worked with Right2Education, I increasingly started thinking about the possible impact of education on sustainable development. More specifically, about how we can bridge the gaps within all forms of education, so everyone has equal opportunities with regards to (personal) development. YOUth ACT is the perfect platform to do so. Within YOUth ACT, I am part of the Community Building team. Together we think about ways to converge, expand and engage the YOUth ACT community such that everyone will be able to thrive.


Favorite social / environmental project and why?

Currently, my favourite project is YOUth ACT. I can see the big potential it has; it is a very valuable experience to be part of an organisation that is flourishing, changing and growing everyday. 


Guilty pleasure?


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