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What’s your story?

After moving around a lot as a child, I grew up in Berlin for most of my teenage life. This city has truly shaped my personal identity and what I value in life - namely freedom of self-expression, human diversity and multi-faceted realities. What I appreciate most is connecting with people who are passionate and curious - even if their interests are different from mine - because it's such a great way to learn about how complex and dynamic our world is. I love dancing, reading literature and the news, my degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, great food, long runs and endless conversations. My sense of justice and personal responsibility is the main driving force behind my life choices and goals for the future. 


Favorite social / environmental project and why?

I honestly cannot answer this question. No matter how great a projects intentions and/or impact is, I feel that there are always some trade-offs involved which make any project I can think of imperfect and somehow controversial. My favorite projects are probably those that are aware of their own limitations and try to make them explicit and collaborate with others who do a better job at addressing what they cannot. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is my OBSESSION with cats. I’m truly fascinated by their independence, agility and elegance. Their presence makes me feel very calm and introspective. And their dualism of being both mean predators and soft warm balls of love seems like a confusing metaphor for many aspects of our human existence. 

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