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What’s your story? 

Growing up both in the left-autonomous area Sternschanze in Hamburg, Germany and in Fairhope, a small town in the politically conservative Alabama, has sparked my interest in the origins of values, political beliefs and listening to people’s stories.  This is why I chose to study PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics) with a focus on Politics at the UvA. I have a passion for everything related to vision because I believe that photos, movies, and art allow for sensitive, strong, and effective communication. This is why I love to take portraits of the people around me, and why I love to design posts and take photos for the UNICEF Student Team or YOUth ACT and design this very website.


Favorite social/environmental project and why?

The Lighthouse, a women’s shelter in Alabama. They are the most committed organization that I have ever experienced.


Guilty pleasure?

Britney Spears and an unhealthy sleeping schedule

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