Omer Mor

What’s your story? 

I grew up in an Israeli Kibbutz located on the border with Gaza and at the age of 14 moved with my family to Lusaka, Zambia because my dad works in agriculture development. After I finished high-school (in Zambia) I came to Amsterdam to pursue my bachelor in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics. Growing up in diverse environments made me reflect upon my privileges strengthen my interest in all shapes and forms of politics. Besides that, I am passionate about contemporary art, especially dance. My dream is to own a small art gallery where I could curate political art exhibitions. 


What’s your favorite social / environmental project?

Women Wage Peace, a grassroot peace movement in  in Israel/Palestine, because it is one of the most influential movements nowadays to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it shows the transformative power of female leadership. I also really like Mama Cash which is the the oldest international women's fund in the world, founded in the Netherlands in 1983. 


Your guilty pleasure? 

I have a small (cough cough) obsession with dresses. I admire the dress fashion and would spend good money for a good dress. I probably have more dresses then the number of sunny days in Amsterdam. I do, however, try to buy them in second hand stores and flea markets.