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Youth Activists and Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for more opportunities to interact with an inclusive community of people who have wide-ranging backgrounds, identities, and interests? Would you like to deconstruct your intentions and understand what it means to make a “difference” in this world? Would you like to go beyond intention and develop the skills, knowledge, and mindset it takes to make an impact? 

YOUth ACT offers you a hub to develop and apply practical skills, to share knowledge and ideas in collaborative spaces while diversifying your network. We provide tools, opportunities, and a community which allow you to grow as a person, connect and co-create with others and learn how to make a true positive net impact.  

What YOU can offer YOUth ACT:

  • join our YOUth ACT ambassador group to connect with our community

  • communicate your needs, interests, and preferences to us so we can provide effective opportunities that truly empower you 

  • share your input, ideas, and suggestions regarding events, programs, and collaborations 

  • your critical and constructive feedback to help us grow and improve our organization 

  • enhance our outreach by sharing YOUth ACT’s mission and opportunities with your network

  • share the contact of inspiring initiatives and individuals with us to increase the opportunities we can provide to our community 

  • ensure that our hub is a safe and inclusive space by challenging racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and other oppressive structures (please reach out to our board if you need support)

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