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YOUth ACT Friend


What is a YOUth ACT Vriend?

‘Vriend’ means Friend in Dutch, and Vrienden is, as expected, a Vriend in plural. YOUth ACT tries to empower young people to take action. When becoming a Vriend, you become part of a reciprocal community of young people who want to make a change.


By becoming a YOUth ACT Vriend you become part of our community of young people who care about social and environmental topics. Why should you become a Vriend? Well, here’s why:

  • You will be connected to special organizations and people at our matchmaking events and with these connections, you might find that internship, board position, full-time or volunteering job you’ve always wanted;

  • You will learn crucial new skills that will help you in your personal and professional life through our skill-based workshops and other resources;

  • You will expand your personal and professional network in the world of social and environmental advocacy, activism, and/or entrepreneurship;

  • You will receive special opportunities from our partners, like discounts on Willicroft’s plant-based cheese products or access to Forward Incubator’s virtual entrepreneurship course;

  • You will get access to our platform where you can access additional information and material to develop yourself further

  • Sign Up by clicking the button below, you wont be disappointed i promise :) 

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