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Invest in the Future of Young Changemakers

Help Us Out :)

We have a goal to raise € 6,940 per year to cover our operational costs (such as events logistics, compensation of activists, marketing material or our bank account). To stay as independent and impactful as we would like to be, we would love to be supported by those who align with our values as much as possible. Therefore, we prefer being sponsored by our community where possible rather than big corporate sponsors or other external sources of funding.

Every Cent Counts !

A donation is completely voluntary. While regular monthly donations provide us with greater financial stability, one time donations are of course also very welcome. However, if 100 community Vrienden donates around €5,70/month, we can cover our entire yearly operational costs. If you donate over 30 euros we want to thank you by giving you our YOUth ACT Goodie Bag by hand (if you live in Amsterdam). Every cent counts, so smaller monthly donations will also be extremely helpful.

We greatly appreciate an online donation!


What does YOUthACT do with my money?

Please click the button below

Can i transfer directly?

Yes, of course, you can. You can donate. The IBAN number is

NL44 TRIO 0320 0171 84 Unfortunately, we cannot thank you in this way or keep you informed of the impact you are making with your support

When will the monthly donation be available?

We are currently working on it, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch


One Time Donation

Donate over 30 euros and get a goodie bag delivered to you at your doorstep. Which includes products from local impact business in Amsterdam


Monthly Donation

Unfortunately this option is not available at this current moment due to technical diffculties


Be a "Vriend"

Join our community of impact makers, and get exclusive access to pilot events

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