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YOUth ACT's Vision


YOUth Act is a community-based hub for young people who work on social and environmental justice topics as activists, advocates and social entrepreneurs. We aspire to live in a world where young people (under 30) with diverse experiences and backgrounds are empowered to participate in political, social and economic decision-making. In addition to our Starter Pack program, we are realizing this vision through access to critical political and social justice education.

What is Archive? 


Archive is YOUth ACT’s primary educational tool. It consists of regularly published content on social media, mainly Instagram, and aims to function as a conversation starter and extender.  Archive's topics revolve around societal and evironmental issues, using an intersectional and/or decolonial lense.

What to expect?

  • A Monthly Archive Series on our Instagram and Website

    • An Archive Series consist of one post per week, every month on a topic we want to highlight

    • Our website post will have a more in-depth look into the topic-of-the-month

  • Extra Resources for every Archive post

    • Links to our Archive post bibliography

    • Includes the links on our visual guide ​

    • Alternative sources of knowledge

Our Latest Posts :

You can also check out our latest Archive Posts on Instagram

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