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Innovation Hubs

Are you hoping that your next cohort of impact makers has a strong baseline level of practical skills, a quick entrepreneurial mind-set and groundbreaking ideas? Do you want people from wide-ranging backgrounds to access the opportunities you provide?

YOUth ACT is a springboard which promotes access to existing social accelerator programs and other programs for change makers. We aim to ensure that those young people that are less privileged and/or still lack certain skills have access to an inclusive and enabling space which allows them to develop and actualise their potential. Our aim is to stimulate growth amongst young people so that you can accelerate their projects.

What YOU can offer YOUth ACT:

  • opportunities to learn from your experience, skills and vision through collaborations for the workshops, brain dates, mentorship programs and/or our YOUth ACT conference

  • opportunities for our members to access your events and activities as they become more advanced

  • access to physical spaces for our events and to offer insight into the spaces you are operating in

  • access to your network of inspiring, ground-breaking initiatives and individuals 

  • advice on how to sustain and accelerate YOUth ACT and its impact 

  • your critical and constructive feedback to help us grow and improve our organisation

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