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Governmental Institutions

Do you work to encourage overall civic engagement among young people and develop human capital to grow and sustain our economy? Is it challenging to provide opportunities for those who are less involved or privileged?  


YOUth ACT aims to be an inclusive and safe community that brings together individuals with wide-ranging backgrounds and empowers them to discover and develop their potential. We promote the founding of social impact initiatives and other forms of civic engagement by boosting an individual sense of agency and providing access to the required skills, network, and knowledge. 


What YOU can offer YOUth ACT:

  • opportunities to learn from your experience, skills, and vision through collaborations for the workshops, brain dates, mentorship programs and/or our YOUth ACT conference

  • access to physical spaces for our events 

  • access to your network of inspiring, ground-breaking initiatives and individuals 

  • advice on how to sustain and accelerate YOUth ACT and its impact 

  • access to funds, donations in kind and other resources

  • your critical and constructive feedback to help us grow and improve our organization

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