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Julian Kraidelman

Guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is that I tend to buy a lot of non-perishable food items to store in my pantry so I can feel like an adult, but the honest truth is that I rarely ever use any of it!

What’s your story? 

After growing up in a suburb of New Jersey I decided to travel for a year to experience different cultures and realities around the world. This inspired me to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics to gain a better understanding of why things are the way they are, and what we can do to influence positive change on a local and global scale. Soon after moving to Amsterdam I came across YOUth ACT and thought it to be a great opportunity to actualize change in our community! I used to play a lot of futbol before several sports related surgeries, so now I enjoy yoga, meditation, and playing hacky sack in the park when the weather allows.  


Favorite social / environmental project and why?

One of my favorite social projects is a socio-psychological project called Kuchinate. Based in Israel, Kuchinate empowers African women who are victims of human trafficking, torture and sexual abuse by creating a shared space to connect with each other while practicing traditional crochet techniques. The women of Kuchinate are able to earn money while interacting with the local Israelis, helping both the social and economic aspect of living in a new country easier.  

When I visited Kuchinate I saw how powerful community can be to help shape people’s lives in a positive way. The atmosphere in the studio was positive and friendly, with delicious aromas of Eritrean food. Kuchinate is a sustainable project continuing to empower women in vulnerable situations which I find extremely impactful and inspiring, showing that positive differences can be made. 

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