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Lena Hoffmann

Co-Founder & Chairwoman of YOUth ACT and G(irls)20 Ambassador

Lena grew up in Croatia, Serbia and Israel, places where one becomes aware of social and economic inequalities from an early age. The opportunity of interning with several human rights organizations in the past years, including Reporters Without Borders, the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights and the Yugoslav Committee for Human Rights, has only fortified her interests in social justice issues. The idea of starting a community-based hub for activism was partly inspired by Lena’s experience with Girls20. This organisation is building a global community of young women who want to drive social change and make strategic investments into catalyzing their personal development and growing their network. Lena hopes to bring some of this energy and momentum into her Amsterdam-community. 

 Omer Mor

Co-Founder & Vice-Chair of YOUth ACT and Chairwoman of Unicef Student Team

Omer grew up in Israel and Zambia where she was exposed to diverse forms of inequality, disparity and conflict. This proximity confronted her with endless questions of privilege, justice and her role in civic engagement. Currently, she is chairing the Amsterdam Unicef Student team. As a former intern of Social and Environmental Governance (ESG) policy making at Rabobank, Omer explored the value young people bring to the table, no matter whether in a humanitarian organizations or multinational corporates. With YOUth ACT, she hopes to create more diverse opportunities for youth engagement and to demonstrate the means of social change.

Meet our Co-Founders: Meet the Team

Kenneth Ngai

Co-Founder & and SEAP Marketing Analyst at Tripaneer

Ken is our strategic master mind and is currently employed as a SEAP marketing analyst at Tripaneer. He was part of the UNICEF student team and ASIF ventures during his studies. During his  four month business development internship at Lepaya, he realised that he initially lacked crucial hard skills to succeed in a professional environment. He thinks this is caused by the lack of practical experiences young people have with organised professionalism. He believes that YOUth ACT is closing in on an important market gap that will enable personal growth and professional success. Ken was responsible for managing the finances of the first YOUth ACT conference, and is currently contributing by consulting Lena and Omer on strategic decision making and measuring YOUth ACT’s impact while enjoying the bonding experience. 

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