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Social & Environmental Entrepreneur

Do you need driven and proactive team members who can accelerate your idea into ACTION?

Do you lack the time and resources to recruit at educational institutions or find a recruitment agency?

Look no further - we would love to connect you. YOUth ACT offers you proactive, motivated and driven team members of wide-ranging backgrounds who share similar values and are looking for an opportunity to develop and apply their skills, knowledge, and mindset. 


What YOU can offer YOUth ACT:

  • access to internship opportunities for our talented and driven community members

  • opportunities to learn from your experience, skills, and vision through collaborations for workshops, brain dates, mentorship programs and/or our YOUth ACT conference

  • access to physical spaces for our events and to offer insight into the spaces you are operating in

  • access to your network of inspiring, ground-breaking initiatives and individuals 

  • your critical and constructive feedback to help us grow and improve our organization

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