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Student Organizations

Are you looking for substantive exchange and collaboration with other student organizations?

Are you looking for opportunities to increase your outreach, improve your organizational structure or diversify your teams skill sets? Do you want to maximize your net impact?


YOUth ACT offers a collaborative space for youth organizations. We complement you by offering educational opportunities to your members and boards, by creating spaces to exchange best practices, ideas, and challenges and support you in diversifying your outreach across different youth spaces. Lastly, we want to increase the interaction between environmental and social initiatives to enhance mutual support, as well as the sharing of resources and knowledge. 

What YOU can offer YOUth ACT:

  • suggest any ideas for collaborations regarding events, programs, campaigns or other opportunities 

  • enhance our outreach by sharing this opportunity with the members of your student initiative and wider network

  • share the contact of inspiring initiatives and individuals with us to increase the opportunities we can provide to our community 

  • approach us if your student team is facing particular challenges so that we can facilitate a collaborative space which might allow you to address it

  • your critical and constructive feedback to help us grow and improve our organization

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