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Panka Rekasy

What’s your story? ​

Growing up in Hungary has given me some insight on how people react to societal changes and how sometimes they fail to adapt to new systems. As our country has experienced many shifts in the last 100 years. The current regime’s unjust practices and my family’s political involvement also grew my interest in Politics. Hence why I decided to study Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics at the UvA. In my time away from university I love cooking, experimenting with new recipes or just sticking to the classics. 


Favorite social / environmental project and why?

Currently some teachers of my former high school are standing up against a newly imposed curriculum, that would limit their scope of teaching, not teach the students real-life, practical skills. It also replaced impactful authors from the mandatory literature with writers of highly problematic political opinions. 

I am extremely proud to see this initiative, even though many of them could actually risk their positions.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

I cannot think of anything not food-oriented. So I will just stick to watching cooking shows, eating digestives at 3am. 

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